Hey there fellow bloggers!

High school is coming to a close, and you loved playing sports– and you don’t want it to end!  You are dreaming of wearing that college uniform and have searched out schools that are in the division that you feel qualified to play for.  Are you nervous about keeping your grades up while playing a sport in college?  Are you excited about getting to travel out of state?  If any of you out there are thinking about playing a sport, either here at UU or at another university, it is big commitment.

When I came to UU I was recruited to play softball for the University.  Since the school had a great education department as well, I knew it would be a good fit.  On the day I moved in, my coach came to my room and welcomed me and told me she would see me soon, and that we would have a team meeting in the next few days. I went to the team meeting and within the first two weeks of school our season was starting.  It became a large time commitment, and I had to stay dedicated to doing my homework in my free time. We played in games in October and we even traveled during spring break to Florida to play in a tournament.

Now I am in my student teaching, and cannot juggle both softball and school.  Though I miss playing softball with the team, I am thankful for the opportunity I did have to say that I played for a division II NCAA University.  My advice for the day is to follow your heart because you’re the only one who truly knows what’s best for your life.

Softball sisters for life!