Coming from Columbus to Urbana was a big change for me. I was used to being a few minutes away from anywhere I wanted to go.  I would have never guessed that I would have such great times in a small town—even though the closest mall is a fifteen and the nearest Chipotle is in Springfield.

In high school, I was involved in an organization that specialized in helping students prepare for college. It was a regular activity to take students on campus tours around Ohio. It was with this group that I came to tour Urbana University. When I came for a tour at UU, I wasn’t expecting anything special. I was set on going to a small school, but my top choice at the time was Wilmington College—having never been to UU before, it wasn’t
on my radar.

The thing about Urbana is the people are what really make the University great. I always heard that once you tour the campus you were meant for, something inside you clicks into place, and I shared a similar experience. As soon as I stepped on campus, everything clicked for me- I could picture myself walking around campus between classes, hanging with friends in the student center, going to football games and having snowball fights in the quad.

From that moment on, my final choice was Urbana. My mom was quite surprised to see how interested I became in applying at UU, but she was happy that I found a place that was only an hour from home. I really encourage anybody who is considering UU to come on a campus tour before applying and make sure you ask lots of questions. If you plan on spending the next four years somewhere, it should be in a place where you feel completely at home and comfortable. I know that choosing a college is a really hard decision, but you can make it one of the best experiences of your life.  –Sam Little

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