Living with someone you don’t know prior to coming to Urbana University is the best idea for a roommate. Urbana doesn’t just randomly select students to room together. They give you the opportunity to fill out a sheet and answer questions about yourself, your likes and dislikes. Then match your answers up the best they can with other student’s answers. If you are a student athlete you still fill out the paper but you will be roommates with one of your teammates.

I am a student athlete, I play women’s soccer. I did not know my roommate before coming to Urbana. When I found out who I was rooming with, I was nervous and excited. I met her a few times in the summer for open field so we exchanged numbers and started texting. We would ask each other questions like “Do you sleep with the light or TV on?” or “Do you keep your room clean or are you a bit of a slob?” We realized we had a lot in common and agreed on the same things. We also decided on what the theme of our room would be and who would buy what and what we would share. It’s always good to have an understanding and being on the same page. You’re living with someone new for a whole year, communication is the key


My roommate and I play soccer together, so we see each other every day, all day. Sounds like we would get sick of each other but we actually are becoming best of friends. There will be days that you will bump heads but you have to remember you two have a lot in common so it’s like getting frustrated with yourself, which is silly so you learn to get over it quick. I always think if I would have roomed with someone I knew from home, then I wouldn’t be experiencing the whole college experience. I love meeting new people, so whenever I have the opportunity to, then I take it. I love my friends from home, but now I can love them and my new friends I am making here at Urbana University.