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My favorite memory at UU would have to be when I was a RA–resident assistant. There was never a time I wasn’t busy and I enjoyed every minute.  There are so many amazing and wonderful things that go along with being a RA.  You get to meet a lot of really cool people. On campus you are considered one of the role models that lead the students on campus.  As an RA, I got to go to the presidents house and meet with a lot of people that came to the school because we took them around the school to show off UU!  Being a RA really helps with developing a family atmosphere while I was there.  I felt that if there was ever a time that I needed someone or wanted someone to talk to, I could go to any of  my fellow RA’s and ask them for help and guidance.blog alecia RA

Bethany (girl in the middle) is a RA in the Freshman dorm!

As a RA, I was expected to come up with cool ideas and activities for the my hallway and community building to do. I could let my creativity shine!!  Being a RA also helped me financially because if you get the job–they pay for your room and board!! I was ecstatic when I got the job because as many other people like me, I am going to be paying back loans and this was another way to keep the loans at a minimum while also developing myself! There were some tough times that I can honestly say challenged me but when it was done, I always learned more and thought to myself, “this will help me in the future.” If any of you are thinking about becoming a RA, I highly recommend it!  It will challenge you and make you  a better person. Have any questions about becoming a RA. Call Mitch Joseph, located on the bottom level of the Student Center.

Alecia Epps