One of the most awesome things that I am involved with on campus is the Student newspaper, called The Lancer. We publish the paper every month and recently we have been working on going on-line. It is a big change for everyone who works for the paper, but I really think it is a step in the right direction.

When I started working for the paper, I started by trying to sell ads. I maybe a Communications major, but I am not good at personal selling. The next semester, I was enrolled in two different classes that were centered around our paper- media writing and desktop publishing. Media writing enhanced my interest in the journalistic aspect of the paper, while desktop publishing created an interest in advertisement design.

The most challenging part of writing for the paper is writing unbiased articles when it comes to politics. I am a very politically active student on campus, so I sometimes find it difficult to write unbiased stories. Luckily, professor Amy Rogan, is there to offer advice on how I can work to balance my articles. Her experience in the news room has given her an edge that has helped me become a better writer.

Since I started working for the paper, I have learned so much about the different aspects of journalism. Recently, I was promoted to co-design editor of the paper and I have been working with a lot of the Adobe products. I also write articles and work as a photographer. Lancer staff members often take on multiple roles because of the lack of student participation. It is my hope that once we go online, students will become more interested in joining the Lancer staff.