Urbana University is a college where you can start a family by playing a sport. Once I was accepted to the school, I was allowed to be a part of The Urbana Women’s soccer team family! Some students are here on a soccer scholarship, and some get an academic scholarship, but all of us are just as much a part of the team.

Quickly my team became my sisters and my coaches are like having a second mom. I loved playing soccer all my life, but being here I love playing soccer with the girls who have become my family. The difference between UUWS and any other schools soccer team is our honesty, dedication, and skill/talent and our love for the sport and for each other. Like most schools there isn’t that ONE person you depend on to have a good game or to win! At Urbana University, we are taught that we need all 11 players on the field to play their part and connect with each other for that win, which makes the win even better when everyone is depending on each other.




We take practices and games very seriously but we are girls, so of course we like to have fun practices too! My favorite practice was when the seniors had to make up a practice. I am a freshman, so I had to dress up like a grandma. The sophomores were gangsters and the juniors were Barbie dolls! At the practice we were split up into groups and had to make a dance to a song that the seniors had picked. Each group went and my group ended winning! We also did other relay games and played chubby bunny.  I was the winner of Chubby bunny! It’s where you see how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth without swallowing and saying “Chubby Bunny!” This is just one example of our many fun practices we have! Below are some pictures!