One of the best things about Urbana University is the wildlife that it possesses. It is not rare to pass a squirrel eating a nut on the side walk on your way to class. In the spring, the frogs come out of hibernation and populate campus. If you are lucky you will see Green Tree frogs stuck to the outside of buildings on their windows, as if they are trying to pick up on a lesson or squirrel

One part of the wildlife that never gets old is seeing the deer walking through campus. Sometimes they are laying in a group in the quad, other times they are right outside the academic buildings nibbling on the bushes

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I will never forget the one day my friend and I were going to the student center around 10pm. We decided to take a short cut and walk through the center of the quad. As we were walking, we could start to make out a few large lumps in the grass ahead. We didn’t think anything of it, thought maybe someone decided to play a prank and throw some large rocks in the grass. As we got closer we could see white smoke coming out of the rocks. As we approached we realized the rocks were really deer that had decided to take a little break on their nightly hunt for food. If we would have been walking any faster we would have totally tripped over the deer lying in the grass.